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Empowering Clients to Speak up and Live their Lives on Purpose

Aeriol Speaks up about Energy Healing!

Aeriol Ascher, Intuitive Healing Artist, Inspirational Speaker, Vocalist and Holistic Business Coach.

Aeriol has decades of experience in the field of healing and personal development assisting her clients to live more comfortable, confidant and conscious lives.

Aeriol gives her client’s tools to increase their body awareness, teaches them to hone their intuition and find their authentic voice by offering gentle guidance and straightforward advice on navigating life’s twists and turns on their path to manifesting their heart’s desire. Got Questions? Ask Aeriol!

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Aeriol is available to speak for your group or at your event. Please see Aeriol’s Talks and Speaker Sheets to see if Aeriol might be a good fit for you and your community.

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  1. Carole

    Oh my dear, It is wonderful to see your success! I can hardly wait to get my book competed and join you on the speaking circuit. You may know that John and I are in san Diego for 2 months for treatment for his prostate cancer at Scripps Proton Therapy Center.

    I am determined to complete my book while here but I don’t have much alone time. I know I have been in a state of very low vibration. I have attracted crazy things.= like competent people making stupid mistakes, over and over. The escrow on my lots has gone from bad to worse. It has been almost 2 years and now an attorney tells me we have a void contract. YIKES! It should be okay, but the stress of the past two years has taken a toll on my body. Wish I was there for one of your special treatments.

    Anyway, when I get home, let’s do coffee. I really like being with you.


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