Never before in history has it been more important for women on a mission to embody their power and speak up about what they want to happen in their lives and in our world.

Aeriol Ascher “The Powerful Presence Coach” is a Speaker, Vocalist, and Energy Activist on a mission to assist women leaders, speakers and entrepreneurs to Show up, Speak up and Stand out in order to get their message out to the world with maximum confidence and clarity, while building influence and brand recognition both on and off line.

Aeriol is the CEO and Founder of Energy Activism a Energy Healing Organization dedicated to an awakened humanity and a peaceful planet.
Aeriol assists her clients by offering one on one divine purpose consulting and intuitive energy healing services as well as offering group programs to assist Leaders, Speakers, Teachers, Writers, Practitioners and Performers to activate their unique and authentic voice and to unleash their powerful and purposeful presence to the world.
Aeriol has decades of experience in the field of holistic healing and personal development and is on a divinely driven mission to elevate the consciousness on the planet by inspiring todays empowered woman to raise her voice for an abundant life, an awakened humanity, and a peaceful planet.

Aeriol gives her client’s tools to increase vocal range, maximize breath control, ground their energy, activate their own body awareness, tune into their intuition, practice intentionality and align to their highest purpose, mission and message.

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