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Life Purpose

Following Your life Purpose Isn’t Always Easy – But It Is Well Worth It 

You need to find your life purpose, they say…

You need to follow your life passion, they say…

You need to determine your “why”, they say …

But sometimes it isn’t all that easy. It’s not easy to figure out exactly what your “why” is. Sometimes we feel stuck and we’re not even sure what our purpose and passion are, let alone follow them.

And sometimes we know exactly what we would like to be doing, but circumstances don’t allow it. There are bills to be paid, a family to take care of, and that company-funde
d health insurance sure comes in handy with a couple of rambunctious toddlers in the house.

What do you do in either of those situations? The first thing you do is take your time. As important as finding your purpose is, it isn’t something you need to rush into. Take the time to examine who you are, what you’re good at and who you could help or sever. Who are the people that could benefit from your unique set of experiences and qualifications? What do you feel called to?

Once you know what your calling or your purpose is, start planning the rest of your life around it. That doesn’t mean you need to hand in your two week notice. Instead, learn as much as you can about turning your passion or your calling into something that will also pay the bills. Maybe that means looking for a different job. Maybe that means going back to school. Maybe that means figuring out how to run your own business.

Start slow and work on things part-time. Set aside some money as a safety cushion while you make the switch. Then, and only then, go ahead and start moving towards your calling.

Yes, it’s a lot of change and it can seem daunting at first. Don’t let that intimidate you. Just take it one step at a time, keep your eye on the goal, and you’ll get there before you know it. And believe me, it will be well worth in the end.

Once you make the switch and go through all the scary changes and challenges that following your purpose brings with it, you’ll be more satisfied with where your life is going and how you’re choosing to spend your time. In other words, you’ll be happier and that is a worthy end goal, isn’t it?

Something you may not know about Reiki Angel Intuitive Arts

Are you a supporter of arts and music in your community?

I know that every year around this time I ask for my clients to vote for Reiki Angel Intuitive Arts for “Best Day Spa and Best Massage” in Silicon Valley in the San Jose Mercury News. And I will ask you one more time! lol. If you have not voted please do so HERE before voting ends on May 4, 2016! But here is something you may NOT know about Reiki Angel Intuitive Arts.

Did you know that 100% of the proceeds of Reiki Angel Intuitive Arts goes to supporting music and local artists?

Yes- the Artist is me.  I would not be in integrity with my healing practice and manifesting one’s heart’s desire without sharing my own heart’s desire with my clients and potential clients. So I wanted to take a moment to tell you about why I work so hard to make my healing arts center work. I love to sing. I love to perform. I love doing character voices. I just love it! It is seriously my thing.

But the truth of the matter is I would never be able to financially support myself with a career as a vocalist or voice actor so I pour everything I can into my healing center to basically fund my music addiction! LOL. OK, now the cat is out of the bag as far as what motivates me.

Let me introduce you to my main band project: BODY MIND and SOUL.

We are the #3 ranking dance band in the San Francisco Bay Area in the local Reverb Nation charts.

Screen Shot 2016-04-17 at 9.40.32 AM

Aeriol Sings with Body Mind and Soul Band

Body Mind and Soul band is available for concerts, festivals and events Central California and the greater San Francisco Bay Area to Sacramento.

As a solo Vocal Artist I am available to do live and recorded blues, rock and jazz vocals, character voice acting, commercial voice over, as well as vocal coaching and voice and diction training, and public speaking.

So if you know of any speaking or voice work opportunities for myself or would love to book my band Body Mind and Soul please do not hesitate to contact me.

Even if you do not know of any opportunities at this moment please remember to vote Reiki Angel Intuitive Arts “Best In Silicon Valley” (Day Spa & Massage) and you will be helping a local artist in your community! VOTE HERE

Thanks a bunch!

Aeriol Ascher, Vocalist



Ask Aeriol (teleseminar pilot) Meditation and Manifestation Reading

Here is the audio podcast of our very first “Ask Aeriol” Tele-Summit Meditation Seminar. In this recording

1)Aeriol offers the group her own version of the Unified Heart Chakra Meditation from Archangel Ariel as channelled by Tashira Tachi-ren.

2)Aeriol quickly and effortlessly deals with hilarious interruptions during the meditation as we work out technical difficulties.

3) Aeriol also does a Manifestation Reading with Goddess Oracle Cards and a special call-in Angel Card Reading.

This episode is Full of surprising twists and turns as we fumble towards mastery in serving our Reiki Angel Intuitive Arts clients.

Happy Healing and Reiki Angel Blessings to All!


Three easy lifestyle choices to embrace for healthier living.

Taking care of yourself and having a daily self care practice does not have to be complicated or expensive. Here are 3 easy lifestyle choices you can embrace to live a healthier, happier and stress free life.

Three Easy Life Style choices to embrace for healthier living

Three Easy Life Style choices to embrace for healthier living

Read More

Sacred Sound Massage

Activate your Soul Self with the healing vibration of sound!

Introducing Sacred Sound Massage at Reiki Angel Intuitive Arts.

This Sound Healing and Hand’s-on Energy Healing session includes integrated energy healing modalities: reiki, munay-ki, huna, angelic realm, atlantean, ascended masters and goddess guides with Aromatherapy, Crystals, and sacred Crystal Bowl sound healing.

SCHEDULE TODAY at our online system. We look forward to serving you.

Until then… Please enjoy this brief energy healing sound meditation.crystal bowl energy healing

Intuitive Healing Artist and Spiritual Advisor Aeriol Ascher has decades of experience assisting clients to live more comfortable, confidant and conscious lives. Her Metaphysical Healing Center Reiki Angel Intuitive Arts was voted Best “Day Spa” in Silicon Valley by the San Jose Mercury News 2015. Aeriol empowers her clients with tools to increase awareness, hone intuition and connect to their authentic self by offering gentle guidance and straightforward advice in navigating their life path and manifesting their heart’s desire. Got Questions?

Ask Aeriol Show Archives Oct 26, 2015: Call-in Angel Card readings

Ask Aeriol Show Archives Oct 26 2015: Call-in Angel Card readings

Archangel Oracle Card Reading with Aeriol

Archangel Oracle Card Readings with Aeriol

This Ask Aeriol Show originally aired on October 26th, 2015 on Mutiny Radio FM.

In this episode of the Ask Aeriol Show, Aeriol does Angel Card Readings for guests who call in with questions.

If you would like to schedule an appointment with Aeriol please see our ONLINE schedule for rates and availability. Readings may be done live, over the phone or via video conferencing. Schedule an appointment with Aeriol Today!

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