Thank you for your interest in my speaking please download my speaker sheets at the links below.

  • How to be Loud and Proud and feel like a rockstar in your life and in your business. Who you are is monetizable. It is time to get out of your own way and share your gifts with the world.
  • How to Build your Online Presence with Aeriol for women business owners and entrepreneurs interested in marketing online to maximize their sales potential.
  • Energy Healing with Aeriol how to ground and connect to your higher self. After our time together you will feel inspired to communicate with your angels and have a few energetic tools to get you started on your own daily meditation & energy healing practice.
  • Chakra Meditation with Aeriol  guided meditation and introduction to the chakra system. You will learn how to filter and shield your energy body from negative energies. You will come away with healing tools you can apply to your daily energy practice immediately whether you are a healing practitioner or lay person.
  • Developing Intuition and Body Awareness with Aeriol Aeriol will offer a brief meditation and then discuss the tools of the energy healing practitioner. Meditation, Reiki Energy, Chakra System, Angelic energies, Crystal and Sound healing, divination and other practical tools for the Intuitive Healing Artist.