Aeriol Ascher, Master Intuitive Healing Artist will Choose from any of the Oracles below depending on the nature of the question or area of life client wants to find information about. Generally multiple oracles will be consulted but this gives you an overview of some of the actual decks and oracles that Aeriol has mastered.

  • Life Purpose Angel Oracle Reading : Life Purpose, Work, Career
  • Relationship Angel Oracle Reading : Love, Romance and Relationship
  • Archangel Oracle Reading : Gentle Inspirational Guidance
  • Goddess Oracle Reading : Practical and Empowering advice
  • Ascended Masters Oracle Reading : Health, Wellness & Lifestyle
  • Chakra Wisdom Oracle Reading : Advice related to chakra system.
  • Archetype Oracle Reading : Personality, Interpersonal Communications, Karmic Patterns
  • Angel Tarot Reading : Ancient esoteric wisdom of tarot combined with uplifting and positive angelic energies.
  • Tarot Reading : Ancient tool for Divination and Healing. Aeriol generally reads with the Rhorig Tarot.